Are there hidden quality concerns, such as mold, that might not be apparent?

Absolutely. Quality concerns can go beyond what meets the eye. While dense buds might appear visually appealing and even smell great, improper storage conditions (above 18°C/64°F) can create an environment conducive to mold growth. Mold, often nearly impossible to detect with the naked eye, can compromise the safety and quality of cannabis. This is why meticulous storage practices are essential.

At Cannabear Thailand, we prioritize not only visible quality indicators but also the hidden aspects. Our dedication to maintaining a consistent temperature of 18°C (64°F) and a humidity level of 58% – 62% during storage safeguards against mold growth. This unwavering commitment to quality control is part of our promise to deliver cannabis products that are not only visually stunning and aromatic but also safe and dependable.

It’s worth noting that even premium, dense buds are not immune to potential mold issues. We once acquired samples of top-notch Athena-grown topshelf dense buds. Despite their impeccable appearance and captivating aroma, upon meticulous inspection by breaking down the buds node by node from bottom to top, we discovered mold lurking within. This experience serves as a reminder that thorough quality control and storage practices are paramount to ensuring the integrity of cannabis products.