How We Store Our Flowers

How We Store Our Flowers

Current Storage Temperature:


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Groove Bags

Our flowers are carefully stored in specially designed groove bags. These bags provide an ideal environment for maintaining the freshness and quality of our beautiful blooms. The groove bags keep buds between 58%-62% relative humidity (RH), ensuring they remain in the best possible condition until they are ready to be enjoyed.

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Temperature Control

We maintain a consistent temperature range for our stored flowers, typically between 15-18 degrees Celsius (59-64 degrees Fahrenheit). This controlled temperature ensures that our flowers stay fresh and vibrant, optimizing their lifespan and appearance.

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Dark Storage

Darkness is crucial for preserving the delicate beauty of our flowers. By storing them in a dark environment, we shield them from excessive light exposure that can lead to premature wilting and fading. This commitment to darkness helps maintain the longevity and allure of our floral arrangements.

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