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Welcome to Cannabear's Wholesale Cannabis Flower Page!

At Cannabear, we take immense pride in offering the highest quality cannabis flower strains straight from the heart of Bangkok. Our commitment to excellence and passion for curating exceptional cannabis products sets us apart as a premium online dispensary. As advocates for both quality and convenience, we are thrilled to introduce you to our wholesale cannabis flower collection.

For wholesale prices, please get in touch via Line below!

Discover Unparalleled Quality:

Every strain in our collection is carefully cultivated, nurtured, and handpicked to deliver an unparalleled cannabis experience. We understand that quality matters most, and that’s why each batch is meticulously grown to ensure potency, flavor, and aroma that exceed expectations.

Experience Before Commitment:

We believe that experiencing our products firsthand is essential. To ensure you’re making the right choice for your clientele, we offer a unique opportunity. We provide a 1g tester of each strain, delivered to your doorstep via Grab on the same day you place your order. This way, you can experience the quality, flavor, and effects of our strains before making larger orders.

Seamless Ordering Process:

Once you’ve had the chance to sample our exceptional cannabis strains and are satisfied with the quality, placing larger wholesale orders is a breeze. We accommodate bulk orders of 100g and above, allowing you to cater to your customer’s demands with ease.

Topshelf Import/Export Certifications:

  • GAP Thai
  • Export WHO GACP for Medicinal Plants
  • Export EMA GACP for Medicinal Plants
  • Export PIC/S GMP for Medicinal Plants
  • Export EU GMP for Medicinal Plants/Cannabis by Ardezen


    Master Piece THC 32.12%
    Oreo King THC 28.00%
    RUFIO THC 32.94%
    Miami Mami THC 20.70%
    Vice City THC 21.18%
    Papaya Fiya THC 28.27%
    Motor Boat THC 26.56%
    Golden Poppy THC 30.94%
    END GAME R2 THC 27.10%

Mid Grade Selection / update: 10/05

Mid grade: 30k-35k per kilo

– GG4 (NEW)
– Cherry OG
– Watermelon
– Sundae Driver
– Wedding Cake x Gelato 33


Cheap Buds Selection / update: 16/04

Greenhouse Selection:
29,000baht per kg

For details & photos get in touch!

-Gold Drope
-Devine Slurricane
-Gray Eye
-Platinum Pave
-Purple Churro
-Wast Coast
-Compound Z
-Eleven Rose
-Code Red
-Pave Runtz
-Twizzle Dance
-Candy Pave
-Bread & Butter

Topshelf Selection / update: 16/04

Mid Grade Selection / update: 18/02

📣Chem’s Sister 1 kg – 40,000 THB (25kg left)

Indoors Mix Buds 🔝❇️
📣Amnesia Haze – 47,000 THB/kg
📣Mcflurry – 68,000 THB/kg (1KG left)
📣Lemon Mints – 68,000 THB/kg (2KG left)
📣Northern lights – 70,000 THB/kg
📣Girl Scout Cookie – 70,000 THB/kg
📣Banana Cake – 70,000 THB/kg
📣Kosher Kush – 75,000 THB/kg
📣Strawberry Diesel – 75,000 THB/kg
📣Strawberry Sunset – 80,000 THB/kg
📣Gelato Cookies – 80,000 THB/kg
📣Hot Mints – 80,000 THB/kg
📣Tropicana Cookies – 90,000 THB/kg, 10kg @ 85,000 THB/kg
📣Blueberry Runtz – 90,000 THB/kg, 10kg @ 85,000 THB/kg
📣Birthday Cake – 90,000 THB/kg, 10kg @ 85,000 THB/kg
🍇Grape Runtz – 90,000 THB/kg, 10 kg take all @ 85,000 THB/kg
📣Sugar Cane – 80,000 THB/kg, 5kg @ 78,000 THB/kg, 10kg @ 75,000 THB/kg
📣Divine Slurricane – 95,000 THB/kg
📣Strawberry Banana Cream – 95,000 THB/kg
📣Slumber Party – 95,000 THB/kg
📣White truffle – 100,000 THB/kg, 10kg up @ 95,000 THB/kg
📣Mochi – 100,000 THB/kg, 10kg up @ 95,000 THB/kg
📣Mac one – 102,000 THB/kg , 10 kg up @ 99,000 THB/kg
📣Purple Runtz – 102,000 THB/kg

Our Thailand Strain Selection / update: 27/10

Apple Gelato

Price: 1 kg 65k 10 kg 60k 50 kg. 56k 100 kg. 51k 100kg+ available!

Sweet Amnezia Haze

Price: 50,000 per kg Take all 45,000 per kg 5kg available

Wedding Cake

Price: 90,000 per kg 100kg available ​

Gorila Glue 4

Greenhouse, THC 18% 30k / kg (buy all)

Lemon Haze

Price: 90,000 per kg 100kg available ​

Our Thailand Topshelf Strain Selection / update: 01/09

Strain Stock (g) Type THC
Lilac Diesel SOLD OUT Hybrid 25%
End Game The Punch Line SOLD OUT Hybrid 25%
Orange Velvet Underground SOLD OUT Hybrid 28%
Mandarin Sunset SOLD OUT Indica-dominant 24%
10th Planet SOLD OUT Indica-dominant 25%
Skunk Hero SOLD OUT Sativa-dominant 25%
Candy Store SOLD OUT Hybrid 27%
Banana Daddy SOLD OUT Hybrid 26%
Original Mandarin Cookies SOLD OUT Sativa-dominant 27%
Grandpa's Cookies R1 SOLD OUT Hybrid 25%
Grandpa's Cookies R2V1 SOLD OUT Hybrid 25%
Shawty SOLD OUT Indica-dominant 28%
XXX SOLD OUT Indica-dominant 26%
Super Silver CBD 1:1 SOLD OUT Sativa-dominant 15%
Kerosene Krash SOLD OUT Indica-dominant 22%

Embrace the Cannabear Difference and elevate your offerings with premium cannabis flower that’s bound to impress even the most discerning of clients. We are excited to embark on this journey of providing you with the finest wholesale cannabis flower strains that will undoubtedly make a lasting impression.

To place your tester orders or inquire about our wholesale options, please get in touch!. Our dedicated team is here to assist you every step of the way. Thank you for choosing Cannabear – where quality and satisfaction are our top priorities.

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