Rare US Elite Clones – Available in Thailand!

Rare US Elite Clones – Available in Thailand!

Welcome to our exclusive collection of rare and valuable US strain elite clones, now available in Thailand. These elite clones have been meticulously pheno hunted by the breeder themselves, ensuring that you receive only the finest genetics with the most desirable traits. These are not just your ordinary strains – they are incredibly rare, highly coveted, and offer the potential to produce some of the best-quality cannabis available.

We take pride in offering strains that are not commonly found in Thailand. In fact, it’s possible that you won’t find these exact cuts listed anywhere else in the country, making this an exclusive opportunity for discerning cannabis enthusiasts and cultivators. These are not your run-of-the-mill seeds; they are elite clones, carefully selected and cultivated to guarantee exceptional results.

While you may find some of these strains available as seeds, obtaining elite clones pheno hunted from thousands of seeds is an entirely different experience. It’s an opportunity reserved for those who are serious about their cannabis cultivation and demand nothing but the best.

US strains are renowned for their potency, flavor, and overall quality, and these elite clones are no exception. By investing in these clones, you’re investing in the future of your cannabis garden, with the potential to yield exceptional harvests and unforgettable experiences.

Don’t miss out on the chance to elevate your cannabis cultivation game with these rare and valuable US strain elite clones. Place your order today and embark on a journey to grow some of the finest weed currently available.

Spannabis 2024 – 1st Place Overall Indica Dante Inferno (Mile High Dave Cut)

Please Note: The prices are for one clone!

Available Strains:
Strain NameBreeder / HunterPrice (Thai Baht)
Animal TsunamiJungle Boy Cut30500
Baby YodaChris Compoud Cut26350
Biscotti PancakeTiki Cut22500
Blueberry SugarBlockhead Breeder Cut26350
Candy FumezBloom Seed Co Cut23800
Cap JunkySeedjunky Cut26350
Chilli VerdeHbk Genetics Cut26350
Dante Inferno #6 [NEW ARRIVAL – Spannabis 2024 Indica Winner]Milehighdave Cut29900
Dante Inferno #8Milehighdave Cut26350
Devil DriverTiki Cut22500
Halle BerryBlockhead Breeder Cut26350
Kush CakeSeedjunky Cut26350
Mac-1Cap’s Cut (Capulator)26350
Pablos RevengeTiki Cut22500
Permanent MarkerDoja Cut26350
Platinum Lemon Cherry GelatoLeaf Doctor Cut26350
Pure MichiganMaxyield Cut26350
Super Buff CherryKing Sandon19800
SuperboofMobilejay Cut26350
Violet FogMilehighdave Cut26350
Wedding CakeSeedjunky Cut26350
ZoapDeep East’s Cut26350

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